our roots

We get a lot of questions from folks who ask us, “why mangos?” or “why baos?”. To be very honest with you, it came from a lot of not knowing and then trusting our guts.   The process of coming up with Mango Mania has been one for the books. We had so many ideas and recipes we wanted to share. We needed to focus on what we could do really well and use that momentum to keep pushing forward. 


Mango is the king of fruits. It’s a fruit that evokes a lot of feelings in people. We wanted to take this one fruit and put it in the spotlight. We started off with over 30 different drink variations to make sure we were combining and highlighting the versatility of mangoes. 


We cannot overemphasize enough how much we love to eat. We knew baos were a concept growing in popularity and we wanted to share that with the city. Our love of the Asian food scene deeply influences our menu because we want to present the flavors of Asia in a fun and accessible way.


We have all worked in the restaurant industry in a variety of different positions. We know the importance of excellent customer service, that the person washing dishes is just as important as the owner, and sometimes the simplest dishes taste the best. At the end of the day, we want our customers happy and having left with an experience that’s comforting, exciting and fresh.

From one belly to another, thank you.